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I would like to inform you about a decision we took for our project! As you know we started selling our Products to other projects and also offer Development Services. As long term plan is to build a real company with Headquarters and offer a big range of services and also build more projects for us. For this reason, we decided to use the 40% of the funds we raise from our sales, to Buy Back both POOR BSC and ETH. These POOR will remain in our Marketing Wallet as reserves and we will decide how we are going to use them according to the project's condition. We can use them for Marketing, Airdrops, Burns, Competitions, Staking etc. You can see it like a company that buys back Shareholder's Stocks! THE FUTURE IS VERY BRIGHT FOR THE POOR QUACK 🚀 🔥 POOR Ethereum Staking Solution ✅ Cheap gas fee's for staking, claiming, compounding and withdrawing ✅ Fast transaction times 🚀 All of the POOR ETH staking contracts will be deployed to our L2 solution Optimism.io 👀 This means unlike most ETH based DeFi solutions we do not have to worry about high gas fee's. 😱 Last year staking, claiming and withdrawing in DeFi on ETH could cost $200+ for each transaction. 🔧 POOR fixes this by using an ETH L2 solution for staking contracts to ensure staking fees are low and ETH users can stake with limited fee's like BSC users but keep their ETH status. ⏰ Stay tuned for further announcement on release date. 🔥 WE ARE MORE THAN JUST A MEME! $POOR That’s fair, it’s not necessarily marketing that’s lacking. It’s concise points to get across exactly what Poor quack is & what they are developing. Most peoples attention spans aren’t that long. Especially on Twitter. You can post a literal book that outlines a great project and you’ll get 3 hits. Yet I can post a meme that says “haha funni pp” & I’ll get 27 hits. It’s not a matter of how much info you can get out. It’s how much info can you cram in two sentences with quick gif or video. It takes the average consumer 7-9 times of seeing the same thing before they will look into it. Im crypto I’m sure that numbers higher due to the amount of tokens out there. So key things here that need to happen Concise talking points Quick relatable & easy to understand information 1-2 minute videos going over Poor & their ecosystem Not a cram it all session but break it down into a series. Make it fun & engaging. (At the end of the videos you could include a questionnaire that rewards those that watched it and answered correctly.) Paying a Twitter influencer or YouTube or whatever doesn’t do anything good for a project no matter the size in the long run. It only enables those that bought in early to dump their coins once the hype dies down. Build a solid user base and then the moon is just the beginning. Oh for sure, I’m literally the biggest anti meme coin person you’ll find but this project has hit a special chord that I didn’t know existed. The website has a great layout The team has not one, not two, but literally 5+ ongoing products that they are working on & delivering. Patience In projects like these take time. It’s extremely early but everything here has a great foundation being built. I'm not sure that any changed their name. I think it's more that the new CRO coins have ridden the hype of the previous coins. "CROGE" CRO/DOGE I thought, if we are simply creating a new Token, with it's own supply, it might be good to grab that name before another. If it were coming from the same supply, then PQ makes much more sense. I am not a coder, or smart in those things, so maybe it only makes sense in my head. Just a question, no offense intended. ...though, it is indirectly related to my ETH bridge question- and my complete ignorance of the matter related to different supplies and the like. (I am hoping you or Gyro can help with that.)


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