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For the moment the word Quacks is associated with a new boardgame (The Quacks of Quedlinburg) rather than RichQuack or PoorQuack. A quack is a charlatan (Quacksalber) in german. A quack suggest a substance for prevention of disease that simply does not work. It could also be a person outside medicine that clailms to have a skill that he does not have. Quack Doctors are unqualified. They do not possess the talent, skill or knowledge that they claim. Otherwise quacks is really the harsh sound made from a duck. Perhaps not a very good sign for but the same could have been said about Dogecoin or Shiba Inu.


The problems with hype are many - but generally fast pumps collapse just as fast. So more people lose than win. This happened in Gamestop for instance. Anyway, what has been said in this chat keeps coming back and staying true. People use crypto like a casino - and that probaly includes $ELON and $SHIB in my opinion, but I do not really know - besides their coins just like EMAX kind of only pumped around the 2021 bullrun blowoff top. Arguably, the same thing happened to QUACK and POOR only later, but there are hundreds of other coins with these pumps that now are bleeding to death because the developers have abandoned them. The big difference is that POOR have worked harder than ever while other devs have given up leaving their token for the vultures.

AVOID RUGS - look for Quality

Generally searching for immediate MOONS results in buying into crap like BABYM31 or SQUIDGAMES. Yeah, you can make lots of money fast, but it is like a casino sooner or later you put your profits into a rug. POORQUACK could easily have done the same: Spread fake news about 10Cents buying in or paid Kim Kardashian money - but look what happened to EMAX promoted by Kardashian. People use influencers to create exit liquidity nothing else. EMAX was a soft rug, BABYM31 was a hard rug and SQUIDGAMES was a honeypot. I do not know what will happen to the new memecoins on CRO, but I will not be surprised if some of them are softrugs like so many tokens are. We have to look at the interior qualities of a project - not at the pump.

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Crypto Pericles have been a supporter of PoorQuack ever since the start. (Secret info he has made it big in crypto and knows what is talking about. Not a one hit wonder type of guy.)

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